FOR RETURNS ONLY. Contains stock data (Quantity and Warehouse) on all the goods that are being sold by the retailer.

Used when integrating with our partner ZigZag to manage returns.

It can be integrated via FTP, or via API.

Is interconnected with the retailer's product feed via the Product SKU.

FTP integration

Naming convention: StockDE{timestamp}.csv; StockGB{timestamp}.csv etc. Timestamps supplied in ISO 8601 format. e.g. 2013-10-31T000000Z

Upload frequency: once per day, stock files will be processed after the order and product feeds to ensure products are created before the stock info is uploaded.

Column Name (csv)Field Name (XML, XLSX)Example DataObligatoryRestrictionsComments
SKU30D24LREDYesString, must be a pre- existing SKU
Warehouse DC CodeGB0064YesString, must be a pre- existing DC Code
Available Quantity980YesInteger, max value 2147483647, min value 0Overwrites the current value

API integration

The purpose of this endpoint is to update stock levels used to identify exchangable products.


Example payload:

  "retailerCode": "GL123",
  "exchangeStocks": [
      "sku": "VasilTestsss",
      "warehouseDcCode": "DC999",
      "availableQuantity": 100