FOR RETURNS ONLY. Contains pricing data (Selling price and RRP) on all the goods that are being sold by the retailer.

NOTE: Price feed is only required, if ZigZag is being used for the resale of the returns or if the Live Exchange feature is being used. If the retailer is using consolidation only, then only the orders feed is necessary. Image related fields can be added to the orders feed, if needed.

Used when integrating with our partner ZigZag to manage returns.

Is used to apply category, product type and brand pricing settings. Can be provided in several currencies (separate price feed file per each country). Is interconnected with the retailer's product feed via the Product SKU.

FTP integration

Naming convention: PricesDE{timestamp}.csv; PricesGB{timestamp}.csv etc. Timestamps supplied in ISO 8601 format. e.g. 2013-10-31T000000Z

Upload frequency: once per day

Column Name (csv)Field Name (XML, XLSX)Example DataObligatoryObligatory for Live ExchangesRestrictions
SKU30D24LREDYesYesString, max length 50
Selling Price44.99NoYesDecimal
Shipping Cost0NoNoDecimal
Cost Price23NoNoDecimal