Shipup uses pre-defined fulfillment status codes in order to display the progress of the fulfillment before the package is handed to a shipping carrier.

Those statuses are to be communicated to Shipup using the fulfillment.status_code field.

Those statuses are also used to send pre-shipment notifications. A pre-shipment notification can be sent for each change of status. Note that you need to provide the order.ordered_at field if you want to be able to send those notifications.

pendingAwaiting first fulfillment information
in_productionThe production of this fulfillment's items has startedFulfillment in production
in_transit_to_stockItems part of this fulfillment are being transferred to stockFulfillment in transit to stock
preparing_shipmentItems part of this fulfillment are being prepared for the shipmentPreparing fulfillment shipment
shippedItems part of this fulfillment were handed to the shipping carrier for delivery
Note: If all line items of this fulfillment are shipped in a tracker, Shipup will force the status of the fulfillment to shipped
Fulfillment shipped
delayedThe preparation of this fulfillment is delayedFulfillment delayed
production_delayThe production of this fulfillment's items is delayedDelay in fulfillment production
transit_to_stock_delayThe transit of this fulfillment's items to stock is delayedDelay in fulfillment transit to stock
partially_shippedSome items of this fulfillments were shipped and some others are yet to be shipped
Note: Shipup will force this status for any fulfillment with shipped and yet to be shipped items until it is completely shipped
blockedItems part of this fulfillment had an incident during the preparationFulfillment blocked
canceledFulfillment is canceled
Note: if all line_items of fulfillment are canceled, Shipup will force the fulfillment status to canceled
Fulfillment canceled