FOR RETURNS ONLY. Contains the data on all the goods that are being sold by the retailer.

Used when integrating with our partner ZigZag to manage returns.

The product feed contains the data on all the goods that are being sold by the retailer. Is needed for the Inventory Grid and in order to grab product's data on the received order files. Is also used to apply category, product type and brand pricing settings. Can be provided in several languages.

It can be integrated via FTP, or via API.

FTP integration

Upload Path: feeds/nonReturnableProducts

Max File Size: 25MB. Files larger than this will not be processed

File Type: CSV or XLS

Column NameExample DataObligatoryRestrictionsComments
CountryGBYesString - ISO2 CodeIf the column is empty, it will be added for each country
MessageKeyYesString - max length 50See below table for available keys
IsReturnableFALSEYesBoolean - True or False

MessageKey specification

MessageKeyMessage on Portal
PleaseContactOurCustomerServicePlease contact our 24/7 Customer Services team to return this item
ThisItemCanNotBeReturnedThis item cannot be returned
PleaseContactUsToCreateReturnPlease contact us to create return for this item
ProductIsNonReturnableUnfortunately, this item is not returnable online. Please contact customer service
PleaseContactOurCustomerServiceTeamPlease contact our Customer Service Team
ProductIsNonRetunableSorry, this product can’t be returned (it’s a safety thing).
GiftCardCannotBeReturnedGift Card Cannot be Returned - Please Contact CS
ThisProductIsNotReturnableSorry, this product can’t be returned (it’s a safety thing).

API integration

This endpoint is designed to manage non-returnable products. Max products count - 40. Products with validation errors will not be processed.


Example Payload:

  "retailerCode": "MA002",
  "nonReturnableProducts": [
      "sku": "2799797_16814",
      "countryIso2Code": "GB",
      "isReturnable": false
      "sku": "2799797_16815",
      "countryIso2Code": "GB",
      "isReturnable": false