The tracker's delivery_status_code gives information about the package delivery state.

pendingShipup hasn't received any delivery event for this package yet. It might not be yet handled to the shipping carrier, or the carrier didn't register it in its IT system yet
info_receivedShipping carrier acknowledged the creation of the shipping label but the package is not yet in its shipping network
in_transitShipping has started and the package is in transit
failed_attemptA delivery attempt occurred but the package could not be delivered. It is still in the shipping carrier's network
exceptionAn exception occurred. Most of the time, it will be a delivery incident
pickupThe package is available for retrieval at a pickup point
deliveredThe package has been delivered or collected from a pickup point
returnThe package will be returned to sender. Shipup will continue retrieving events for 5 days after the first return event
expiredThe package was created more than 45 days ago but is still not delivered. Shipup will not look for more events for this package. Possible causes are:
- The package was never shipped
- No delivery event was registered in the carrier IT system