This section documents all available endpoints of the Shipup REST API.

Before you begin

The Shipup REST API allows merchants to send and retrieve order data or tracker data to and from Shipup. If you're not sure whether you should import trackers or orders into Shipup, you can read more on the Sending orders or trackers page.

General API information

Base URL

The Shipup API's base URL is
As an example, if you wish to access the GET /v2/orders endpoint, you would send a GET request to

Data format

The Shipup API is expecting JSON payloads encoded with UTF-8. API JSON is either a single object or a list of objects.

Datetime format

Datetime fields are expected to be sent using UNIX timestamps (seconds since 1970)

For convenience, ISO 8601 format is also considered valid (e.g. 2019-08-12T09:17:29Z).