• publicApiKey: string
    • Required
    • The public API key to use when consuming the Shipup API
    • Can be found in the API & Webhooks section of the Shipup App
  • defaultOriginAddress: OriginAddress
    • the fallback origin address to use in calls to fetchPredictions without an origin address
  • defaultDestinationAddress: Address
    • the fallback destination address to use in calls to fetchPredictions without a destination address
  • carrierCodesCssSelectorsMapping: Object
    • an object with Shipup carrier codes for keys and CSS selectors for values ; those selectors will be used to identify which DOM nodes should be used when injecting the prediction of a given carrier
  • language: 'en' | 'fr' | 'es'
    • the language to use to display the predictions, supported languages are 'en', 'es' and 'fr'
    • defaults to the browser language and falls back to English if that language is not supported
  • estimationMode: 'early' | 'safe' | 'range'
    • sets which estimate to display when injecting prediction in DOM nodes
      • early displays the most optimistic estimation
      • safe adds an extra delay of one day to the optimistic estimation (before post-processing rules are applied)
      • range displays both the early and safe estimates as a date range, f.i. 12/02/2024 - 13/02/2024
    • defaults to early


  • the module instance for chained calls