FTP integration

You can set up an FTP server and drop CSV exports of your most recently sent packages on a regular basis. Shipup will try to access the FTP every hour and will retrieve all recently generated exports.

Alternatively, we can also provide access to our SFTP server (ftp.shipup.co) so you don't need to set up your own.

The expected format will vary depending on whether you wish to send order or package data.

Data format

Shipup is expecting CSV files encoded with UTF-8.

Datetime format

Datetime fields are expected to be sent using UNIX timestamps (seconds since 1970).

For convenience, ISO 8601 format is also considered valid (e.g. 2019-08-12T09:17:29Z).

Data model

The list and the description of the different Shipup data model that you will need to provide can be found in the API reference documentation

What’s Next

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