API integration


Shipup provides secure API endpoints to import your order or tracker information in real-time.

You can find a list of all available order and tracker endpoints and a general description of the Shipup REST API in the API Reference.

As described in "Sending orders or trackers" section, you can decide to:

  • Send only the information once you have a tracking number. This is the easiest integration with Shipup but you can not have an order in Shipup prior to the tracking number
  • Send information once you have and order and add the tracking number later, when you have it. This integration is more difficult as you need to handle multiple models of Shipup but it enables you to use full possibilities of Shipup including the content of the order.

Here are the associated REST API:

What’s Next

If you decide to use the full potential of Shipup by sending orders and trackers to Shipup, you can read Shipup's tutorials to help you get started with the integration of the orders API: